Sweary Mary Creators – How do you eat yours? Creme Egg OmNomNom
The home of the best Sweary Gifts UK you will find on the web!   Sweary Mary is brought to you by me and my sister.  We have been crafting together for years and years and years.  What started as a shared hobby and a way to spend as much time together as possible saw us start our empire on Facebook and Etsy with Thirteenth Hour Creations.  Since then the business has evolved so much, starting with opening our first ever shop!
Panoramic shot of our beautiful shop
            It was such a fabulous ride. Many passers-by were suitably offended by our censored Sweary Mary window displays.  Then she moved to the top of all the dressers where the smut usually lives. Then to a dresser of her own, made to look like a seedy porn shop with hidden treasures within when you opened the curtained doors LOL. Just before the pandemic, the difficult decision was made to close, largely due to decreasing footfall in our location. Sweary Mary was already doing well on the world wide web and we had built up a strong local customer base that still shop with us online. So now we work from home and it’s great.  It helps us give the best life we can to my kids and my sisters dog.  It also helps us put food on the table and allows us to foster dogs in need of homes to keep them out of kennels.
3 reasons I do what I do sweary gifts uk
My top 3 reasons I work so bloody hard
Another reason I do what I do sweary gifts uk
Another reason I work hard!
So thanks for being here, on Mary’s little piece of the interwebz.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t buy anything just popping by is enough!  Just remember Mary in the future! You can also join my social page, where I sometimes just have a rant and ask for advice on new products etc.weary Gifts UK Just a heads up, Mary is a sweary grumpy fucker who doesn’t give two hoots who she offends in her pursuit of the ultimate insulting / inappropriate gift.  She even takes requests if you want something personalised / unique but its gotta be “adult” or she wont touch it. If words that sound like the following offend, do not check out her wares lol punt – ducking – witch – Horlicks – Puntmuffin – thunderpunt – sponge – duck – Hat – Rick  – Singe There’s probably more but if the above may offend you the rest surely will.   Mary loves a challenge, So if you have an idea or need something you don’t see just drop her a message here