Crotch Fruit Milestone Photo Prop Cards


Hilarious inappropriate Milestone Photo Prop Cards.

Crotch Fruit Milestone Photo Prop Cards – Total 28 Cards

* Hello Fuckers Im Here!!!
* Met Santa – Didn’t fucking like him
* Ate solids and made a fucking mess
* Cried non-stop for absolutely no fucking reason
* Today I took a shit in the bath
* Today Ive been a fucking twat
* Fucking crawling.  The world is my oyster
* First Holiday having fun making everyone else miserable
* Said my first swear word today
* Night in with Daddy so Mummy can get pissed
* Blank card for your own milestone
* +17 other inappropriate child milestone photo prop cards

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Black/White Geo, Bunnies, Mermaids, Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Safari, Stars, Owls, MultiColour, Under the Sea, Flowers, Woodland


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