Adulting Milestone Photo Prop Cards


Hilarious inappropriate Female Adulting Milestone Photo Prop Cards – Total 22 Cards

* Shaved my fanny today
* Folded a fucking laundry mountain today
* Cooked dinner again tonight
* Arrived somewhere on fucking time today
* I didn’t spend any money today on shit I don’t need
* Almost went to the gym today …. Fuck that!
* Didn’t lose my keys today
* Fucked off a meeting that should have been an email
* Didn’t offend any pansy asses today
* Only hit the snooze button twice this morning

+ 10 more cards and 2 x blanks for you to write your own adulting achievements on

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Black/White Geo, Bunnies, Mermaids, Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Safari, Stars, Owls, MultiColour, Under the Sea, Flowers, Woodland


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