AFFIRMATIONS Jar of Stars in true SwearyMary Style

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A super cute jar of 60 cute hand folded rainbow origami lucky stars, each will reveal a sweary affirmation to help seize the day in true #SwearyMary style.  60 opportunities to start a day off with positivity!

Simply pick a star, squeeze it flat, x marks the spot, unfold and reveal.

Sample quotes:

“I will always choose love and kindness because I am not a cunt”
“I trust myself, and my instincts because everyone else is fucking stupid”
“I don’t have to be perfect to be fucking awesome”

Screens will vary, and colours may appear slightly differently than seen on your device.

Jar measures: Height: 9.0CM Width: 6.5CM Depth: 6.5CM

COLLECT THEM ALL!!!!!!  Rude Jokes, Mum, Love, Insults, Gross Definitions, Motivational, Decision Maker, Pot Luck – All in true #SwearyMary style


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