Mystery Box – Very Limited Stock


These mystery boxes will have at least £20 worth of products inside all for the bargain price of £10!  Boxes will consist of old stock, slight seconds and discontinued products, a mix of.   You can choose from a completely vanilla box which will contain nothing sweary, an absolutely not vanilla box that will consist of products with swearing and/or offensiveness, or a mix of both.

What might be in the box?  Mugs, notebooks, earrings, bracelets, jewellery, badges, coasters, framed prints, prints, chocolate wrappers, candles and much more.  Product photos show a selection of possible items or similar that you might receive in your box.

Go on treat yourself to a surprise or brighten someone else’s day with a box of fucking awesomeness!

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Mystery Box

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I love a challenge!  So if you have an idea or need something you don’t see just drop me a message here

You can also join my social page, where I sometimes just have a rant and ask for advice on new products etc.

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